Hockey betting is a clear No 1 for Canadians and millions of people worldwide

Ice game in Canada is not only the national sport but a real passion. The fact that it is one of the main symbols representing this country is nothing new. For more than a hundred years, this game has been winning the hearts of fans all over the world. In the country of the maple leaf, it is treated as a special type of religion, and probably every Canadian is nuts about it. Moreover, Canada is considered to be the ancestor of this very sport.

Historical background

Conventional wisdom holds that the first hockey match was played in Montreal on March 3, 1875 on the ice of the Victoria skating rink. The puck – an invariable attribute of this sport– was then only wooden, the rubber one will appear only in the year 1887.

In the case of ice game, it is necessary to pay tribute to several students of the University of Montreal, whose efforts were extremely important for development and publication of the first seven hockey rules in 1877. Although, they will be somewhat modified and ordered ten years later, and even will undergo more than 20 changes.

The entire rules

Ice hockey is a sport confrontation of two teams that, passing the puck with sticks, strive to throw it the greatest number of times into the opponent’s goal and not miss it into their own. The team that has scored the most goals in the opponent’s goal wins.

dice duel game

As for duration of the game, it is vital to mention that a standard match involves three periods of 20 minutes of pure time. The breaks between periods last 15 minutes. In the case of a draw at the end of three periods, it is possible to assign additional time – called overtime. If it is no help, free throws – called shootouts – are made at the end of overtime. The need for overtime, as well as its duration, the need and the number of free shootouts is specified separately in the tournament regulations.

Winter sport – cash 4 seasons long

Bets on hockey can fully compete in popularity with forecasts for such sports as football, tennis or basketball. Hockey matches are watched, clubs and national teams are cheering, fans are betting on this game. Like any bets, predicting hockey matches has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as a number of pitfalls that a player who wants to bet on hockey should definitely keep in mind.

A large number of sport comebacks should not be missed. There are traditionally a lot of sensations in hockey, as well as unexpected comebacks, when one of the teams turns the course of the game in its favor in one of the periods. It is for this feature that many people do not like betting on hockey online. However, professional players use such unpredictability. After all, with a skillful approach, it makes it possible to win at favorable odds.

Attention must also be paid to high frequency of matches in such sport. Hockey teams hold matches every two or three days, which allows gambling fans to be aware of the current form of their opponents and track their psychological state and lineups. In addition, the high frequency of games allows you to qualitatively collect and analyze statistics, which also applies to the advantages of hockey.

Hockey betting types

  • Moneyline

In hockey, this strategy means simply ga,bling on who will win the game, and is the most popular method of betting on such a sport.

  • Puck line

A puck line includes a fixed handicap, where the favorite corresponds to -1.5 moves, and the outsider corresponds to +1.5 moves. In order for the favorite to win the line shift bet, he needs to win in two periods, for example, with a difference of 4 to 2 points.

  • Totals

The player is offered a certain total number of goals scored in a match or in a period (in most cases not an integer), and he must guess whether the teams will score two more than the specified number of goals or not.

  • 60 minute line

This type focuses on the result of the match during the 60 minutes of the game. The results of overtime or shootouts are not taken into account.

  • Parlays

It is the same as an express bet that combines two or more sport events into one, the coefficients of which are multiplied together.

  • Live/ in-game

Player simply bets on a game as it is happening, focusing on the catch-up of any event in the period: draws, total or outsider wins.

Q/A on hockey betting

How to analyze hockey betting?

Before making a wager, players should carefully evaluate the teams on the following points: current form, history of confrontations, position in the standings, the list of injured and disqualified, motivation.

How to bet on hockey game correctly?

The two most important points are: take into account the specifics of the sport and adhere to the system. When choosing a strategy, pay attention to the value of the coefficients and the quality of the Live service.

What are the best hockey betting strategies?

The best gambling strategies are those that increase the chances of winning at a distance. Among such strategies: betting on the outsider, catching up with the outsider’s win in the playoffs, live betting on the total more in the third period and catching up with draws in periods.

Disadvantages are not that fully bad side

Nevertheless, two significant drawbacks exist that stop many bettors from starting betting on hockey sport. Firstly, the hockey season does not last for the entire calendar year and, secondly, hockey championships are not held in many countries of the world. But from the other side, the presence of a break allows players to make adjustments to the game strategies used, the number of current tournaments, even considering that they are not held on all continents. It turns out that the apparent shortcomings can be turned into the strengths of hockey.

In the end, it is worth noting one pattern in betting, as evidenced by a number of already experienced hockey bettors: users who are at a deep disadvantage on bets in other various types of sports should pay attention to hockey. Many of them manage to get into a good plus within the framework of ice battles.