Flint Firebirds


Founded: 2015
Formerly: Plymouth Whalers (1997 – 2015), Detroit Whalers (1995-1997)

Arena: Dort Federal Credit Union Event Center

Conference (Division): Western (West)

Notable Alumni: Jamie Allison, Jason Bacashihua, Brett Bellemore, Bryan Berard, Jared Boll, Fred Brathwaite, Evan Brophey, Eric Cairns, Gregory Campbell, Connor Carrick, Jamie Devane, Robert Esche, Matt Hackett, Todd Harvey, Chad LaRose, David Legwand, Paul Mara, Phil McCrae, J.T. Miller, John Mitchell, James Neal, Michal Neuvirth, Justin Peters, Rickard Rakell, Keith Redmond, Mike Rucinski, Tyler Seguin, Tom Sestito, Chris Thorburn, Vincent Trochek, Stephen Weiss, Justin Williams, Tom Wilson, James Wisniewski

Owner: Rolf Nilsen
Owner: Costa Papista

General Manager/Head Coach: John Gruden
Asst. General Manager: Joe Stefan

Asst. Coach: Dave Karpa
Asst. Coach: Petr Jonak
Asst. Coach: Jon Finstrom
Goalie Coach: Stan Matwijiw


  1. OHL Insiders are first to report problems in Flint, but last to report when a new GM, Head Coach, and Associate Coach have been appointed. Why is that?


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