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Thank You Overagers

Posted: April 28, 2016 by OHLInsiders in News, Uncategorized
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For fans of Canadian Major Junior Hockey, five years seems like it goes by so slow. I can’t speak for you but it feels like I’ve been watching players such as Charlie Graham and Hunter Garlent for a lot longer than the five years they’ve actually been around in the OHL. (more…)


Playing in the Ontario Hockey League offers up some of the best opportunities for players to turn pro. There are
many ways players can do this with the first being the yearly NHL Entry Draft that occurs for all players who are 18 years old. This is an opportunity available to players until they turn 20 years old with the likelihood of being drafted declining drastically each eligible year. After their window to be selected in the NHL Entry Draft has come and gone, the only opportunity left for players to realize their dream is to work their tails off in their overage season and hope an NHL team notices them, which is the case for over 50 individuals currently playing in the Ontario Hockey League. (more…)