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The story surrounding the Flint Firebirds inaugural season playing in the Ontario Hockey  League has been well documented by international media. Since the second go around firing both John Gruden and Dave Karpa, the OHL now runs the Firebirds day to day operations. (more…)


Now that we’ve seen part two to the ongoing Flint Firebirds saga, I want to look a bit more into Rolf Nilsen’s motive behind not only hindering the career of twenty or so young men, but buying the team and putting it in Flint, Michigan in the first place.


The Flint Firebirds have re-fired coaches John Gruden and Dave Karpa. The man who was originally brought in as an advisor to owner Rolf Nilsen will take over Gruden’s former Head Coach/General Manager jobs.  (more…)

The Flint Firebirds have named Sergei Kharin Director of Player Personnel. Kharin was brought in last month at the same time as the firing of GM Terry Christensen. Kharin’s role was to act as an advisor/assistant to malintentioned owner Rolf Nilsen. (more…)

A week after the Flint Firebirds announced they have removed the GM title from Terry Christensen and named Head Coach John Gruden the General Manager, the Flint Firebirds have reassigned Assistant Coach Petr Jonak. (more…)

Halfway through the Firebirds inaugural OHL season, the Firebirds have announced the firing of General Manager Terry Christensen. Head Coach John Gruden, who had been fired from that role and then rehired within 24 hours takes over the responsibilities of General Manager. Ever since the player’s walkout, Terry’s intentions have been questioned publicly and internally, they’ve been questioned since long before then. (more…)

The situation surrounding the Flint Firebirds these last couple days has drawn international attention to the OHL. Let’s take a walk through the events.  (more…)

One league source and one source out of Flint, MI tell OHLInsiders that the Flint Firebirds have gone on strike, all coaches have been fired and players have begun walking out.

While the reasoning behind this groundbreaking news remains behind closed doors, one theory is that the owner, assumed to be Rolf Nilson, is/was upset about the amount of playing time his boy Hakon has been receiving, coaching stood their ground and were all fired. The players who stand behind their coaching staff have also begun walking out the door.

I have not been told if anybody remains or where Firebirds management specifically GM Terry Christensen stand. All I have been told is “staff fired and players walking out.”

The Firebirds currently fighting through their third month of OHL regular season competition sit with a record of 7-9-0-1 which is good enough for second last in the western conference.
Regardless of the reasoning behind it, the future does not look bright for OHL hockey in Flint.