BBM Channel

PINBBM Channels allow for you to keep up to date with your favourite companies, groups, organizations, leagues or teams. It’s a tool that I’ve embraced and really started to use heavily. Some features it includes that apply directly to me include:

  • It’s free to download BBM and to subscribe to channels
  • BBM allows for me to post updates up to 400 characters. This is more than I can post in one tweet on Twitter
  • BBM allows for my channel subscribers to chat with me privately about hockey and answer any questions you may have!
  • I can share tweets in my BBM channel posts

BBM channels are also a fantastic way to encourage conversation between not only myself and my channel subscribers but subscriber to subscriber.

PIN: C00365586

How do I download BBM? How do I subscribe to channels?

1. Go to your App store and search BBM or Blackberry Messenger
2. Download the app for free
3. Create your BBM profile
4. Go to the Channels section of your new BBM application
5. Search Channels
6. Click Subscribe

To subscribe to my channel you can:

1. Search “OHLInsiders” in the Search Channels area
2. Click add contact and scan the barcode posted above
3. Search for the channel PIN posted above.

If you have BBM and can’t figure out what I’m referring to, make sure you have the most recent version of BBM downloaded.

Let’s support a great Canadian company.



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