Join The Team

Joining the team is not difficult, send me an email but be prepared to answer some questions regarding your affiliations and past experiences. I can tell you my Insiders absolutely must:

  • Be involved with their team (as more than a fan)
  • Be able to run a professional twitter account
  • Interact professionally with followers
  • Have a knowledge of the OHL specifically and hockey in general
  • Attend/Watch/Listen to most games

You’ll see some of my accounts such as @GeneralsInsider and @KnightsInsider constantly “live tweeting” games. This is not mandatory, it is simply one of the quickest ways to gain followers. You’ll end up missing a lot of the games though because your head will be buried in your phone/tablet/laptop.

This is NOT a paid position, if you do not contribute to the website. If you contribute to the website, you will earn your share of the advertising money that comes in. If I could figure out how to make some significant money with this account (on Twitter), I would. For the most part, my Insiders do this out of their love for the game and for the same reasons I started the OHLInsiders account (see ‘About Us’ page.)

Available Accounts:

@KnightsInsider (1,045+ followers)
@OHLTroutInsider (45+ followers)
@TroopsInsider (370+ followers)
@FrontsInsider (215+ followers)
@WhalersInsider (155+ followers)
@PetesInsiderOHL (100+ followers)
@67sInsider (155+ followers)
@KRangersInsider (130+ followers)

Interested? Please see the “Contact Me” page!


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