It all began at the start of the 2012-2013 OHL season. A lot of my personal friends were coming to me, (knowing my background) wanting information about their team such as how they were going to finish that year, possible trades, and general thoughts about certain players and teams. I stumbled across HFBoards.com and noticed that a lot of the posters on the site were frustrated with the amount of information they had access to.

I then created the @OHLInsiders account, with the purpose of providing information, rumours I’d been hearing and general news surrounding the OHL. I also vowed to choose 3 stars from around the league after every game day, a tradition I continue to keep up to this day.

I then thought, why not try to create a network of these OHLInsiders, so I came in contact with somebody from London who I knew from previous work experience as well as someone from Sarnia. They agreed to run the @KnightsInsider and @StingInsider accounts under the OHLInsiders label. For the first little while, if I was going away, I handed the @OHLInsiders account over to one of them and they covered for me, I’m greatful for that. We then gained @OHLBullsInsider, @OHLPetesInsider, @HoundsInsider, @InsiderWolves, @KRangersInsider, @IceDogsInsider, @SpitsInsider, @OttersInsider, @WhalersInsider, @SpiritInsider, @GeneralsInsider and @OHLStormInsider.

Since then, we’ve broken various stories leading to being mentioned in many online articles, discussion sites, newspapers, radio, TV and gained many high profile followers including former players (Al MacInnis, Darcy Tucker, and more), current players, media perssonel and outlets, agents, coaches, managers, owners, team staff, family and more, Including thousands of OHL fans, the best there is.

Without a doubt, the hardest story to cover was the death of Saginaw Spirit forward Terry Trafford during the 2013-2014 season. @HoundsInsider was the first one to mention the Terry Trafford situation on Twitter and my @OHLInsiders account brought the most publicity to the situation. That was a night where @OHLInsiders was trending nationwide, but for all the wrong reasons. Mental Health is an issue that hits close to home and is a topic I try my best to bring some light to. Last January, the @OHLInsiders raised over $1,000 for mental health, just by tweeting #BellLetsTalk.

I’ve always sworn by my Blackberry, a great Canadian company that does not make bad phones. So in the Summer of 2014, I decided to branch out into BBM Channel Updates. There I can post updates, include tweets in my posts, chat privately with subscribers, and respond to comments by the users. It’s a great way to engage my followers. Thank you Blackberry. You can subscribe to the channel by searching OHLInsiders in BBM channels, or add the channels PIN: C00365586

In only two short seasons, I’ve grown  my @OHLInsiders network to over 3,500 followers and I like to think I’ve helped grow the general awareness of the great hockey that is the OHL. There’s a lot more coming so be sure to follow along on Twitter and/or BBM. If you are looking to get involed, I’m going to refer you to the “Contact Me” page.


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