Firebirds Selling?

Posted: March 14, 2016 by OHLInsiders in Flint Firebirds Rumours, Rumours, Uncategorized
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The story surrounding the Flint Firebirds inaugural season playing in the Ontario Hockey  League has been well documented by international media. Since the second go around firing both John Gruden and Dave Karpa, the OHL now runs the Firebirds day to day operations.

In an effort to make the Flint Firebirds more appealing to players, parents, sponsors and fans, the Ontario Hockey League by all accounts intend to force Firebirds owner, Rolf Nilsen to sell the team.

Phil Hagerman, CEO of Diplomat Pharmacy as well as Tom Gores, owner of the NBA’s Detroit Pistons were in attendance Saturday night for the Firebirds game against Kitchener. Both Hagerman and Gores are extremely active in the Flint area.

For hockey fans in Flint, you should breathe a sigh of relief seeing the names Gores & Hagerman associated with a possible sale of the Firebirds.

What leads me to believe that Rolf Nilsen is being forced to sell is his reaction to both Hagerman and Gores being in attendance last Saturday night. “He’s digging in and going to fight all the way,” said one source.

So while names Hagerman and Gores should be a breathe of fresh air for fans of Flint hockey and the Ontario Hockey League, this could be a very long drawn out legal battle brought forth by Rolf Nilsen.





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