Knights Get Off Lucky

Posted: January 27, 2016 by mikeries44 in London Knights News, News, Sarnia Sting News, Uncategorized

The London Knights and Sarnia Sting engaged in what I would call “Old Time Hockey” at the end of thier game on Sunday at the Budweiser Gardens in London. The fans could sense that things were going to spill over early into the contest and at the 18:39 mark  of the third period everything hit the fan as Sarnia defenceman Kevin Spinozzi jumped London forward Max Jones and it was on. Everyone paired up, even diminutive Mitch Marner got into the action. Just as things calmed down, recently acquired Knight forward Chad Heffernan left the London bench to lay a beating on Sarnia defenceman Alex Black and if that wasn’t enough Knight forward Owen MacDonald who was attempting to pickup the numerous pieces of equipment, jumped Sarnia star forward Travis Konecny. Then to compound matters, he challenged the Sting bench before leaving the ice.

It took the powers that be until late Wednesday to decide on the punishment for those involved and it was not the stern punishment everyone expected. Sarnia defenseman Kevin Spinozzi received 5 games partly for resisting an official and his defense partner Alex Black was handed 2 games and they were the only two Sting players suspended. Spinozzi after all started the melee and was handed the most severe suspension of all involved.

London will be without Chad Heffernan and Owen MacDonald for 4 games for leaving the bench and continuing the festivities.  Everyone was expecting them both to receive around the 10 game mark but it wasn’t to be. Forward Aaron Berisha and coach Dale Hunter are facing a 2 game suspension.

Hunter’s suspension is an automatic one which he will have to serve as a result of failure to keep his bench in line.

One important note is that Sarnia Sting Head Coach Derian Hatcher and star forward Travis Konecny did not receive any suspensions. Both teams were however fined $1,000.

All suspended players and staff will be back just in time for London & Sarnia’s next match up on February 7th.

All and all London got off pretty lucky in this age of trying to eliminate fighting and brawls from the game.  Along with those players and head coach, London will be missing superstar Matthew Tkachuk who is playing in the top prospects game and isn’t allowed to play Friday night.  As well American born Sam Militec has left the team to focus on school.


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