Firebirds Bring Coaches Back

Posted: November 9, 2015 by OHLInsiders in Flint Firebirds News, Flint Firebirds Rumours, News, Rumours
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Following a series of meetings which took place on Monday and included commissioner David Branch, Firebirds owner Rolf Nilsen as well as staff, coaches and players resulted in brand new three year contracts for both John Gruden and Dave Karpa.
This can only be seen as a win for the players. Certainly their organization is not the most stable right now but I do not ever remember a situation where players have come together like this, stood behind their coaches, rebelled against ownership AND came out on top.
Equipment manager Matt Nareski will also be returning to the Firebirds, as will GM Terry Christensen.
As for Hakon Nilsen, a trade in the works has been speculated and brought up to me by many of my sources which I’ve used throughout this developing story.
Carolina Hurricanes prospect, Alex Nedeljkovic, who’s name has been brought up in trade speculation all season reportedly went home last night. There’s no word if he was in today’s meetings or not.

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