Changes coming to CHL drafts?

Posted: January 31, 2015 by OHLInsiders in Rumours
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downloadThere looks like there may be major changes coming to the way players enter the CHL. We would still get the same long, exciting 15 round draft, but teams would no longer be selecting 15 or 16 year old players out of Bantam, they’d have to select 18 year olds, if they want to keep going with the idea of a draft.

In the coming days, there will be a private injunction filed to put an end to the way the CHL leagues draft their players between both the domestic draft and the import draft. Once this injunction is filed in a U.S. court, it is believed that the court’s decision won’t take very long.

The purpose of the injunction is to put an end to child exploitation, and although this reasoning seems synonymous with everything the CHLPA and Unifor stand for, this injunction is not related to either the CHLPA or Unifor.

So what does this mean? It could put an end to the draft in it’s entirety or teams would be selecting players out of Jr. B leagues. Regardless, if this goes through, it would have huge implications on the where teams look and how they go about getting their players.

  1. MIKe says:

    Any news on a change in the OHL draft to age 16. Heard that current players would play two years at their current level to push the year ahead. Push all levels ahead by one year.


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