A team by team look at the trade deadline

Posted: December 29, 2014 by OHLInsiders in Rumours
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The OHL’s trade deadline is on January 9th with an overage deadline the day before on the 8th. Players taking part in the World Junior Championship tournament cannot be traded until January 5. Here’s a team by team look at what I think will be happening.

*Number given is a scale of 1-5 how active they will be either buying or selling*

Barrie Colts: Buyers: 5

The Colts missed on Josh Ho-Sang earlier this year, and were in those talking until the last minute when Ho-Sang was traded to Niagara. The Colts will be looking to make a large splash with once again a weaker eastern conference. No overage room. Nick Ritchie is very much a possibility for the Barrie Colts as the connection between not only Ritchie and the city of Barrie but Ritchie and coach Dale Hawerchuk runs deep.

Belleville Bulls: Buyers: 2

Went out and got Welychka earlier this year to help with a playoff run. With an average age of 19 upfront, on the backend and in goal the Bulls are still a little thin upfront and on the blue line with only 13 forwards and 7 defense. They need to go out and add a couple depth pieces although I wouldn’t be surprised to see them acquire a bigger name such as someone like Matt Mistele. Jake Marchment wants out and we all know why, we’ll see if that happens or not. No overage room.

Erie Otters: Buyers: 5

We’ve seen how they perform without McDavid, the Otters are not yet good enough. They need to add depth and playoff experience. The Otters have the youngest forward group in the league with an average age of 18.38 which may be cause for concern. The Otters forward group has little to no playoff experience in fact, there is only a total of 69 playoff games played between only 6 players on the Otters forward group. The Otters need to go out and acquire depth in the form of guys who have playoff experience. I would not be surprised to see the Otters make one more big splash either. Last I checked in the Otters were not interested in upgrading their goaltending but now that possibility is at the very least being discussed. No overage room. Still looking to trade Joel Wigle, who also has Jr. B options but wants to play in the OHL. Otters GM Sherry Bassin did take in a game in Peterborough last week, I don’t think they want Nick Ritchie, they love his play on the ice but referred to his off ice behaviours as “questionable.”

Guelph Storm: Buyers: 3

Guelph has all the assets needed to make a contender out of someone else if they decided to sell but if you’re not going to receive a substantial return, may as well load up and go for it again. That’s exactly what’s going to happen in Guelph. They need a solid Nick Ebert type defender and depth upfront wouldn’t hurt either. No overage room.

Kingston Frontenacs: Sellers: 5

Season got off on the wrong foot with Bennett being out. The Frontenacs have some solid bargaining chips in Peressini & Kujawinski. No overage room.

Names to watch: Ryan Kujawinski, Lucas Peressini

Kitchener Rangers: Sellers: 2

Looking for young players, the Rangers have some depth pieces some teams may find intriguing. No overage room.

Names to watch: Brandon Robinson, Max IaFrate

London Knights: Buyers: 2

Before I got a “No comment” from my source in London regarding Ritchie rumours, I would have told you, and did tell you the Knights were selling. The Knights have proven to be able to play against the best in Erie, Sault Ste. Marie and Guelph all season long and really aren’t that far off. They have the room to acquire up to 7 players which would need to consist of depth players, perhaps one top name and a goaltender. The Knights were looking into OA D Jeff Corbett as well as Mitch Jones so it’s safe to say they want to shore up the back end as well. One overage spot. If the Knights aren’t buying (don’t get Ritchie), I think they’ll look to start building for next year by completing a trade with the Oshawa Generals. There are ongoing conversations with the Peterborough Petes and the Oshawa Generals.

Mississauga Steelheads: Buyers: 5

Head coach/GM James Boyd is going to have set this team back by 7-8 years, including the 3 he’s been there for by the time he’s done in Mississauga. Selfishly sacrificing the future so he can keep his job at the end of the year. The Steelheads are buyers, but 100% for the wrong reason. It’s gotten to a point where not only does Nick Zottl want out but so does their star Sean Day. We’ll see how bad Boyd wants to keep his job by whether or not he goes out and acquires a goaltender with the recent news of Spencer Martin being out for the season. No overage room. They’ll look to get some big names but I don’t think they will land any. Lucas Venuto’s name  has been tossed around, he’s happy where he is but I wouldn’t be surprised if he moved. With 4 cards left, if the Steelheads are going to buy it will be only one, maximum two players.

Niagara IceDogs: Buyers: 3

Much like James Boyd in Mississauga, it is my belief that Marty Williamson’s job, or perhaps only one of his two jobs, hangs in the balance of this season. If you ask me, Williamson is a better GM than he is a coach and I do think he’s got too much on his plate. As for this years deadline, the IceDogs already went out and go Josh Ho-Sang and Brandon Hope so it’s quite obvious that they were buyers, and it’s my belief that they are still looking to bring in some bigger pieces. I always thought Nick Ritchie would be a possibility for Niagara and still do given Brett Ritchie’s success in Niagara. It’s been rumoured the IceDogs have been looking to trade away newly acquired star Josh Ho-Sang but I can tell you that is not the case, unless it’s happening under the table. If Ho-Sang goes anywhere it will be a top team that lands him, but I don’t think he’s headed anywhere. The IceDogs need help on the blue line and I think that will be priority number 1 come deadline. Cody Caron is yet to register a point for the IceDogs this year and the Sault Ste. Marie native’s time in Niagara may be coming to an end. No overage room.

North Bay Battalion: Buyers: 2

The Battalion are a little thin on the blue line with only 7 defenders on the roster and are in need of more secondary scoring. Battalion scouts really like both Nathan Pancel and Nick Ritchie, but who doesn’t right? I don’t see Ritchie performing well in Stan Butler’s defense first type system nor do I see the Battalion parting with Poirier and three 2nds in exchange for Ritchie. While the Battalion also really like Nathan Pancel, they are currently at their OA limit and acquiring Pancel would force the Battalion to ship out one of their current overage players. They are in need of secondary scoring and defensive depth but they’ll be looking for bargains more so than the star talent such as Ritchie.

Oshawa Generals: Buyers: 3

The Oshawa Generals are looking to add a 1994 born body as well as a 1995 born body, one forward and one defender. If I’m Roger Hunt I’m looking to add the overager on the blue line and the 1995 body upfront, but it could very well be the other way around. Generals GM Roger Hunt took in a game in Peterborough last week, likely looking at Connor Boland and Josh MacDonald as well. One overage spot. Many conversations, most recently with the London Knights, have started with the Generals having to give up either Vande Sompel or Pu and they are hesitant to part with those guys. Interested in Knights Mike McCArron and Dakota Mermis.

Ottawa 67’s: Sellers: 1

I don’t think the Ottawa 67’s will do much at all come the January deadlines. Because the 67’s only have 2 cards left by my count, the 67’s only have room to acquire two players at the deadline however they need to save the cards for the second half of the year for call ups and such.

Names to watch: Jacob Middleton, Tyler Hill

Owen Sound Attack: Buyers: 4

Way too many overtime games for the Attack in the first half need to shore up just about everywhere but especially so in net and on the blue line. Almost had Paterson back at the end of November, I  think those conversations could reignite especially now that Paterson’s value has been diminishing as the days and games go by. I don’t foresee the Attack making a huge splash but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go out and get an overage player if Paterson is no longer in the picture and on top of that a 95′ born body to help for next season. One overage spot.

Peterborough Petes: Sellers: 5

Once again, the Peterborough Petes are the laughing stock of the league. Following the Tinder incident, drinking at the games, kicking in car doors, missing curfews and egging cars the Petes are set to launch a fire sale. Among a group of 7 or 8 Nick Ritchie will be moved likely to Barrie or London. Petes will be looking for young players and draft picks. The Petes have no overage room and have plenty of usable cards to acquire said young players. Deals especially involving London require approval from the board of directors.

Sure to move: Nick Ritchie, Josh MacDonald

Names to watch: Michael Clarke, Connor Boland, Greg Betzold, Stephen Nosad, Hunter Garlent

Plymouth Whalers: Sellers: 4

Lots of unhappy players in Plymouth especially with their future in Plymouth up in the air. The Whalers have been hit hard with injuries and therefore currently have 10 defenders on the roster and at least one of them in Mitch Jones have asked for trades. The Whalers are currently a little thick on forward as well with 15 on the roster. The London Knights had inquired on Jones, I don’t know if those talks reignited. Oshawa likes Curcuruto and Sault Ste. Marie had been talking about Matt Mistele. No overage room.

Names to watch: Mitch Jones, Matt Mistele, Gianluca Curcuruto, Alex Nedeljkovic, Connor Sills, Danny Vanderwiel

Saginaw Spirit: Sellers: 5

The Spirit have said they’ll be shipping out Jake Paterson at some point and have already moved Jimmy Lodge. The fire sale is not close to over as there are still 2 players that should move out but could be up to 4 or 5. The Spirit don’t have an overage problem to consider for next year, especially after Moutrey is gone. The guys behind the doors in Saginaw are going to wait as long as possible to trade Jake Paterson hoping to squeeze a few more wins out of him and it’s not like these deals involving players of this caliber come together in a snap. One overage spot.

Sure to move: Jake Paterson

Names to watch: Nick Moutrey, Jake Ringuette, Dylan Sadowy

Sarnia Sting: Sellers: 2

Honestly, haven’t heard a thing regarding what the Sting are doing for this deadline. I know they have a couple huge bargaining chips in Anthony DeAngelo and Taylor Dupuis and Kevin Spinozzi. We’ll see what they do, but I haven’t heard a thing. No overage room.

Names to watch: Anthony DeAngelo, Taylor Dupuis, Kevin Spinozzi

Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds: Buyers: 3

Much like the North Bay Battalion, the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds would like to make a huge splash but just aren’t willing to pay the crazy pricetags associated. They’ve turned their attention to cheaper possibilities such as Josh MacDonald from the Peterborough Petes who will put up points and come at a relatively cheap price. Hounds GM Kyle Raftis took in a Petes game last week. Also a need to upgrade defense with the injury bug striking and goaltending is definitely in question too. I think Greyhounds fans will be disappointed with their effort at this deadline but it will not be for lack of trying. One overage spot.

Sudbury Wolves: Sellers: 5

Having already moved their biggest asset trading Baptiste to the Otters, the Wolves are sellers this year. While I’m told no players have requested trades there’s definitely some interest in mainly Nathan Pancel. Lately, Troy Timpano hasn’t been seeing a lot of net and he could be a little unsettled but I don’t think we’ll see him move unless he’s requested. Jeff Corbett was drawing some interest from Belleville but the Bulls have since gone out and filled up their overage spots by bringing in Bignell. The Knights were also looking to see what the Wolves were asking for Corbett. The Wolves do not have many cards left to bring players in, deals will be for picks which is consistent with what I’ve been hearing for months now. No overage room.

Names to watch: Nathan Pancel, Jeff Corbett, Troy Timpano

Windsor Spitfires: Sellers: 1

The Spitfires of Windsor seem to be done for now barring a massive overpayment by a team for either Trevor Murphy or Alex Fotinos. The Spitfires were said to be having discussions with the Rangers regarding Brandon Robinson who’d serve as an OA for the Spits next year. The Rangers wanted “a young guy” in return. The Spits are looking for someone to serve as an OA next season, if it’s not Robinson then they’ll look elsewhere.

Names to watch: Trevor Murphy, Alex Fotinos





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