Bulls strip Marchment of the captaincy; Marchment requests move

Posted: December 12, 2014 by OHLInsiders in Hamilton Bulldogs News, News
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When Jake Marchment returns to the ice in Belleville on Friday night as the Bulls travel to Ottawa to face the 67’s, he will be doing so without the captaincy. The announcement comes following a 15 game suspension handed down by the Ontario Hockey League as a result of the misuse of a popular social media ap called “Tinder” which facilitated Marchment’s mistreatment of a young female.

His conversation was first made public on the @OHLInsiders twitter feed on November 3rd. Since then, the story gained attention from major media outlets and culminated with the 15 game suspension handed down to Marchment on November 7th.

Marchment claims he believes he’s a changed man as a result of he suspension and would have liked a chance to prove to the people of Belleville that he can lead the Bulls deep into the playoffs but the Bulls’ hands are tied as they chose to remove the letter from Marchment’s jersey. “I thought that maybe I’d done my time. I would’ve liked the opportunity to earn that trust and respect back from the community and the team,” Marchment told the Belleville Intelligencer.

The tarnished Marchment has requested a trade from the Bulls as he believes his reputation in Belleville is destroyed beyond repair but he will continue to play until a deal can be made. GM George Burnett may have a different idea of what Marchment needs to do, “Our intention moving forward is that Jake is a Belleville Bull, he is an integral part of our team. He is a good teammate. We have no intention at this time to trade Jake. We’ve missed Jake from our lineup,” Burnett told the Intelligencer.

Jake Marchment, 6’3, has recorded 7 points in the 15 games he’s taken part in with the Bulls this season. Marchment is a native of Courtice, ON. He is a draft pick of the Los Angeles Kings of the NHL.

  1. justin says:

    brian your wrong. in Peterborough we have greg betzold who had done the same thing just because they are in a spotlight like playing in the OHL doesn’t mean they should be treated any differently from a kid who is an avh joe. if it happened to that kid nothing would be said there would be a bit of chirping back and forth and that would be the extent of it nothing more. but because it was marchment and betzold the females on the other end of it made it public which did not need to be. don’t you think its kinda fishy how both stories came out at the same time makes you wonder if they were trying to bait them into something plus isn’t tinder all about that and getting some/?correct me if im wrong but that’s what I thought was for and if so why are the females making a big deal of it? I get it everything the players said was way out of line and no matter how pissed I was I could never say that stuff but the players served their suspension and are trying to make mends of what they did


  2. Renegader says:

    He’s a 19 year old that should know better. His sense of entitlement is what the problem is. I rarely agree with Burnett coaching decisions but he was right to remove the C from him. The fact that he’s now whining about it and wants out shows me he hasn’t learned anything. I mean really, he wants a trade cause they stripped him of the C? Wow… Definitely don’t want him on my team. He brought national attention to Belleville for all the wrong reasons.


  3. Greg says:

    Everyone seems to forget they were once a teenager n YES during those teenage years WE DID MAKE mistakes also. Don’t hang the kid because of what he did. All these TEAMS think of is PROFITS over PLAYERS. Get the fans in the seats n the hell with the players. The kids got a great future ahead of him. But removing the C was a LOW BLOW!!!


    • Brian says:

      Greg. You’re wrong on multiple points you made. When you make a mistake in public, (social media), you deal with the fallout in public. Yes, he’s (19) a teenager. He is old enough to vote, go to the military, drink, and to think before acting. As his, as with everybody else, actions lead to consequences. As a captain of a junior team, with many younger players on the squad, and many more to come. The management must make decisions on who they want representing them and influencing their new players. Management made the correct decision in stripping the “c”. The kid should think before he speaks to the public again. He is at risk of losing everything he worked for. I wouldn’t want this kid representing my nhl team. The player can’t earn back everything lost after a month. He’s not smart to mouth off about the management in such a way. He lost the privilege of leading. He shouldn’t get the label back. He should work hard to earn the respect of his teammates. Who no doubt if polled, think he made a very poor choice. I wouldn’t follow that guy into battle. Garuntee the Kings are not happy. He already was just a marginal prospect heading to the echl after 2 more seasons as an overaged 21 yr old leading 17 & 18 yr olds. If I was the president of that team after the season is over, and the players actions cost more in damage control I’d cut him if the education or retraining lessons don’t make a serious impact on the development of the players attitude. Its a business. He’s a contractor. The system hasn’t failed him. He failed himself. Get over it.


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