Drunken Petes

Posted: November 20, 2014 by OHLInsiders in News, Peterborough Petes News
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PeterboroughGreg Betzold and Stephen Nosad are facing discipline from the team as a result of being heavily intoxicated while at a game they were both not participating in. The incident occurred on Saturday November 15th when their Peterborough Petes hosted the Niagara IceDogs, a game they won 5-1. The two players were drinking while at the game, there’s no word if they had anything before. Both Betzold or Nosad are over the legal drinking age in Ontario of 19.

Neither of the two are strangers to Jody Hull’s proverbial doghouse as Betzold just last month was suspended 15 games as a result of misbehaving online while Stephen Nosad has been a healthy scratch multiple times this season as a result of not producing to Jody’s liking. The team has been trying to move Nosad and while not confirmed, likely Betzold as well.

EveNosad&Betzoldn though Betzold is currently serving a 15 game suspension, he has still been practicing with all his teammates including Nosad until this incident occurred. Despite showing up for practice every day, the two have not been allowed on the ice at all since the incident.

This incident might just be the last straw for these two though as they have not practiced all week and I am told it is likely their OHL careers will be brought to an abrupt end. Both Nosad and Betzold are still in Peterborough as Nosad has been waiting to return to the lineup while Betzold is/was participating in sensitivity training as a result of his recent comments made towards a female on an app called Tinder.

Petes coach Jody Hull has always been about accountability and holding players accountable for their actions as evidenced by Hull constantly holding players out of the lineup. Let’s face it, the players are going to be around alcohol and yes, most are going to consume alcohol as most teenagers do. The difference here is not only did the players drink in public, they did so while on the Peterborough Petes and Jody Hull’s time.

The two are undrafted in the NHL but Betzold, a Bel Air Maryland native had skated with the St. Louis Blues during rookie camp prior to the 2014-2015 season. Both players are still eligible for the 2015 NHL Draft

I reached out to some players as well as the team for comment, to no avail as of yet.

The Petes announced the two have been suspended from the team and their futures will be decided next week. Betzold’s parents are enroute from Maryland, USA while Nosad has been sent home to Tottenham, ON.

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