Two OHL Players should face discipline for rude remarks

Posted: November 4, 2014 by OHLInsiders in Hamilton Bulldogs News, News, Peterborough Petes News
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PeterboroughTwo OHL players and their respective teams will be under heavy media scrutiny over the next few hours as a result of the inappropriate messages sent by the players to two different females over an app called Tinder which is a popular way to facilitate relationships among today’s youth.

Peterborough Petes Greg Betzold was the first player involved and Belleville Bulls Jake Marchment was the second. Both comments were extremely rude and do not reflect how I believe women should be treated at all.

Marchment’s comments were made from Heffernan’s Tinder profile which begs the question, how long did the young lady involved think she was talking to Heffernan and why wasn’t this solved earlier? Just because it was not Heffernan making the comments, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t at least receive a talking to.

If you’re familiar with the OHL as a fan, it’s great hockey and first class entertainment. If you’re familiar with the league as more than a fan in whatever manor, you’d know that this type of behaviour happens everywhere, it’s for that reason that I hate to single out two players. OHL players are held in such a high regard by the public that now they think they can receive whatever they want, whenever. I wish to say that not all players act this way, most are community oriented and all around great people.Belleville

Both Betzold and Marchment have since apologized for their remarks and are awaiting disciplinary action.  In a statement by Petes GM Mike Oke, the Petes are said to be disciplining Betzold internally. As for the Bulls and captain Jake Marchment, the Bulls were were made aware of the comments first thought to be made by Chad (Heffernan) then contacted the league.

“The league and our team have a very strict social networking policy which we take very seriously,” said Burnett. “We’re working closely with the league and I expect Jake will be disciplined.”

Many teams including the Peterborough Petes, Belleville Bulls, Sarnia Sting, London Knights and most likely more were reminded on Tuesday about how to properly manage social media and private interactions. After all, how the players conduct themselves off the ice is a reflection of the OHL, their city, their club, their fans and their teammates.

We need more training and education for these players so that incidents like these two do not reoccur. This whole situation is unfortunate but hopefully is a wake up call for players. You’re not the be all end all, it’s junior hockey, at this point there’s still lots of work to be done to reach your future goals be it schooling or a career in hockey or something else, don’t go ruining it over something that has nothing to do with your on ice happenings.

If you want to see the messages, I’m going to refer you to my twitter page. I will not be posting them on my website.


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