CHL Faces Class Action Lawsuit

Posted: October 21, 2014 by WebAdmin in News

The CHL is facing a $180 million class action lawsuit which was filed today in Toronto, ON by Toronto lawyer Ted Charney.

The lawsuit is seeking minimum wage compensation for WHL, QMJHL & OHL players. The lawsuit comes back to the issue of “Are these players in fact employees.” There are many points to be made for each side. There are a few teams in the league that make so much money off these players that it seems absurd they couldn’t be paid at least minimum wage but then again, there is a vast majority of teams that struggle just to put bums in the seats. Players are compensated with gas, living quarters, equipment, schooling as well as getting top notch development playing the game they love.

Many people including media, former players and coaches have taken to twitter about the matter

Former Belleville Bull and Brampton Battalion LW Brett Mackie summed it up great with this tweet: “A lawsuit against the CHL now? Best part of junior is that its not about the money as a player. It was a chance to move further in hockey!”

If CHL players are in fact deemed employees by definition, they risk losing benefits including their education package, equipment, cost of coaching, living expenses, travel expenses and more, all for minimum wage. So it’s pick and choose, but choose wisely for the sake of future junior players looking to follow their dreams.


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